Thursday, September 24, 2020

LINK: Beer vat escape and other Houdini tricks in Buffalo, 1900-1925

The Buffalo News has a well-researched article today by Steve Cichon about Houdini's appearances in that city from 1900 to 1925. Click the headline to have a read.

Houdini actually did have some pre-1900 Buffalo engagements (1893, 1896, 1898). He even did a handcuff escape at Buffalo police headquarters on October 22, 1896. But Mr. Cichon does provide new details of his 1925 engagement, such as his lecture at Canisius College and his visit to the Meyer Motor Co. to see the "Talking Studebaker". Great stuff.

Below are links to some more adventures of Houdini in Buffalo, New York.


  1. Another bonanza for your Chronology! A tip of the hat to Mr. Cichon.

    1. Indeed! This sent me back to and it appears there are some new Buffalo papers added. I've found a lot of great stuff, including a special "ladies only" lecture on spiritualism.

    2. Didn't HH do a spiritualism lecture at a ladie's school in Atlanta?

    3. He did a lecture at the Woman's Club auditorium in Atlanta. That was the venue, but I don't know if the lecture was restricted to women only like this one. This one was held at the theater after the matinee.