Saturday, September 5, 2020

Watch the Houdini episode of The UnXplained

Season 2 of the William Shatner series The UnXplained features a Houdini segment in episode 9, "The Greatest Escapes". I didn't see this when it first aired back in July, but I was finally able to check it out on Amazon. It's well done. It was respectful and I especially liked the colorized animated images of Houdini (below). It also did a nice job of mythologizing the Overboard Box as his most baffling escape. That might be debatable, but you'll need to take it up with Shatner!

The episode features interviews with the great Jim Steinmeyer, Dean Gunnarson (who knows the danger of the Overboard Box firsthand), investigative journalist David Whitehead, and yours truly. The interviews were shot at the legendary Brookledge in a room frequented by Bess Houdini, so that was a thrill.

Of course, it wouldn't be the "History" Channel without conspiracy, pseudoscience, or superstition, hence their conclusion that Houdini may have possessed supernatural powers. Even the filmmakers knew this was hokum, but that's the network. (If you're wondering what happened to the History Channel, check out this YouTube video.)

You can purchase The UnXplained season 2, episode 9, The Greatest Escapes, at If you have cable you can stream it on the The UnXplained website.


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  1. Great job on the colorization of this photo. It looks perfect as if it was taken on color film. I just realized this photo was taken after the escape. Harry's shorts and legs are still wet.