Wednesday, April 21, 2021

The LAST Houdini window card

If you've been following my blog you will be familiar with the remarkable story of Heather from Warwick, Rhode Island, who discovered a cache of original Houdini window cards in the walls of her home during a bathroom remodel. She offered the cards for sale to collectors and quickly sold out. (No doubt she was able to pay for her remodel!)

However, Heather held one card back that she planned to send to auction. This morning she tells me she has decided to make this one available for sale as well, and here it is! This is the last of the amazing Rhode Island Houdini window card discovery.

For this last card Heather is going to field offers. So if you are interested, she can be contacted HERE.

She also has some of the other non-Houdini cards for sale. These are from the E.F. Albee theater in Providence. Houdini actually played the Albee in September 1924.


Good luck!

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