Thursday, May 6, 2021

Barry Spector will end his 278 magic wands with #150

Barry Spector's amazing creations using wood salvaged from Houdini's New York home (278) have become renowned, and it all started with his very first work; a magic wand. Over the past two years Barry has made and sold wands on request, but he's now decided to end the run at 150. This is to keep the wands limited and to conserve what wood he has left for future projects.

That means if you want one of these wands, now is the time to act! Barry will make just 20 more. And while there are now others crafting some very nice 278 collectibles, including wands, Barry's wands remain the most affordable and they are made with the first batch of wood out of the house by the artisan who started it all!

To get one of these last 20 wands, contact Barry at


  1. Guaranteed to smell like old wood from the attic of 278. The closest any of us will get to Harry. Until a real time machine arrives.

  2. Love to get me some old wood, Barry any more left??

  3. John get no response from your link, some people are slower??

    1. Hi Anon. Not sure what you're asking? Did you also post the comment above? As far as wood goes, I don't believe there is any left from the house itself. Barry has some, but I'm sure he's planning to use it for his ongoing projects. If you are asking about a wand, you'll want to send an email to Barry himself using the email address in the story. I'm just the messenger. :)

  4. He is not to sharp as he never answers his emails, leaving
    no choice but to buy one on the black market,

  5. I always answer emails. Try again.