Wednesday, May 26, 2021

The Great Grey Mystery mystery

Here's a page from the December 1918 issue of Film Fun, a New York based movie magazine. Some nice shots here of Q the Automaton from Houdini's The Master Mystery. But what's odd is they refer to the title of the serial as "The Great Grey Mystery."

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By December 1918 the first chapters of The Master Mystery had been released to theaters, so I don't know why the magazine uses this title, nor where it came from. As it says; "It's a Mystery."

Speaking of the Automaton, last year some side panels from the 2017 Houdini Pinball machine sold on eBay. On one side you can see the Automaton and his...Automawoman?

Below are a few more links for the Automaton aficionado.


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  1. Magazines have to be completed a month or two before publication. It's possible the writer didn't yet know the title and threw this out to hit the deadline.