Monday, May 17, 2021

Bess helps clear a "witch"

In 1656 Eunice "Goody" Cole was convicted of being a witch in Boston. After serving a jail sentence she was again accused of witchcraft in Hampton, New Hampshire, where she died in prison in 1680. It only took the citizens of Hampton 258 years to realize they might have made a mistake. So on August 25, 1938 they organized a ceremony to clear Eunice's name. And guess who was there?

I'll let the report from the AP take it from here.

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It's nice to know Bess kept up her husband's battle against "the cancer of superstition."

Below are more adventures of Bess in her later years.



  1. The Spook Buster phase of HH career is fascinating to me, and glad to see Mrs HH kept up the work. I particularly like turning Halloween on its head to promote reason vs superstition

  2. She got around didn't she? This witch clear up must have been a stop on a New York trip from the West Coast.