Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Exclusive Houdini in Kansas poster offering

Our friend Don Creekmore is hard at work on his upcoming book about Houdini's early tours of Kansas, Escaping The Sunflower State. Now Don is offering an exclusive "Escaping The Sunflower State 1897-1898 Tour Poster" to help fund his ongoing research. Below are details.

During the cold winter of 1897 & 1898, Harry & Bess Houdini toured South Eastern Kansas with a medicine show called The California Concert Company. While no posters exist from this time, one inspired by Don Creekmore's research into his future book, Escaping The Sunflower State, has been designed. ​ 

An iconic image of Houdini is flanked by each Kansas town Houdini performed in. Until now, some of these performance locations were unknown to most! The Celebrated Psychometric Clairvoyant is a novel quote from a newspaper reporter's description of Houdini in 1897. The title of the upcoming book is highlighted at the bottom. ​ 

Only 50 posters measuring 27" by 19" were printed. Each poster will also be hand-numbered and signed by Don Creekmore. Proceeds will go towards further research and publication of the book, planned for 2023. ​Signed & Numbered Posters Priced At $44.99 each, shipping included. 

You can purchase the poster and read up on Don's latest research HERE.

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