Thursday, March 17, 2022

Muriel Rukeyser Houdini webinar this Sunday

A webinar discussing Muriel Rukeyser's Houdini: A Musical will be held this Sunday, March 20, at 11AM EST on Zoom. The speakers will be:
Jan Freeman will discuss her discovery of Houdini: A Musical, the decision to publish the verse drama through Paris Press, the journey of transforming the manuscript housed at the Library of Congress into a published book, and bringing the text to the attention of readers. 

Stefania Heim will present archival traces of Rukeyser’s process, drawing from her proposals, plans, correspondence, research, and drafts from the 1940s through the mid 1970s. She will also explore Rukeyser’s incorporation of language from the 1926 Congressional Judiciary Subcommittee hearings on fortune telling.

Matthew Solomon, author of Disappearing Tricks: Silent Film, Houdini, and the New Magic of the Twentieth Century, will discuss Houdini himself.
The webinar is free to join online but registration is required

The webinar will be followed by a reading of Rukeyser's Houdini at Eastern Michigan University at 2 PM EST. That event will be live streamed. Visit the Muriel Rukeyser Living Archive for details and more upcoming readings.


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