Friday, March 25, 2022

Paul Michael Glaser on the Mike Douglas show

Today is actor Paul Michael Glaser's 79th birthday. Yes, PMG's birthday is the day after Houdini's! To celebrate the day, here's a terrific interview with the actor not long after he starred in The Great Houdinis. Much of the conversation has to do with his hit series at that time, Starsky & Hutch, but The Great Houdinis is discussed near the end. Not only is it great to hear Paul's thoughts on acting and Houdini, but it's a reminder of how network talk shows were once real, thoughtful conversations. Enjoy.

Happy birthday PMG! You remain one of the greatest Great Houdinis.


  1. What my friend in the past "Manny Weltman" thought about PMG and verbally told me about him "is not fit to print." As magicians "we know how to read between the lines." 🤔Benjilini🎩🐰