Sunday, June 29, 2014

Former home of Leo Weiss for sale

The Ridgefield Connecticut estate that once belonged to Houdini's brother, Dr. Leopold Weiss, is for sale. According to an article at

The house was built by James Stokes, who was the U.S. ambassador to Great Britain. A few years after building it, Stokes sold the property to Dr. Leopold Weiss, brother of legendary magician Houdini. Houdini would regularly visit and be seen about Ridgefield. In a 1987 column in the Ridgefield Press, Richard E. Venus, Ridgefield’s former town historian, wrote that Houdini and his wife “spent many weekends at his brother’s Ridgefield home. I recall seeing him as he shopped in the local stores on a Saturday morning.”

The article also claims Houdini "practiced his famous underwater escapes in the pool."

Asking price: A cool $5.75 million.



  1. According to the narrator, the breakfast room is bigger than most dining rooms. I would say that the breakfast room is bigger than most homes. The large dancing/entertainment room will create memories that are treasured forever. Poor Leo. I wonder what he thought as he fell down that building.