Sunday, June 15, 2014

Join HOUDINI HQ on Facebook

I've created several Pages on Facebook devoted to Houdini, his Escapes, Magic, Spirit Exposures, the Miniseries, etc., but Facebook's support of Pages is just not what it once was, and the more popular gathering place now seems to be Groups. I know the Magic Castle Group is where I'm spending more of my Facebook time.

So I've decided to road-test the idea of a dedicated Houdini Group on Facebook, HOUDINI HQ. Here I will link to select posts; but it's also a wide open place where everyone can share their own Houdini links and images. It's a true HQ, and we already have some great members. So if Facebook is the place for you, join us at...


UPDATE: Well, I road-tested, and I didn't love it. So I've shut down HOUDINI HQ and will let my pages represent the blog on Facebook.

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