Monday, June 30, 2014

Houdini coming to the silver screen

A July 20, 1918 issue of Motion Picture News recently sold on eBay for $115.46. It includes a full page ad announcing the signing of Houdini by B. A. Rolfe to star in a motion picture serial. That serial was, of course, The Master Mystery, and this ad heralds the start of Houdini's career as a screen actor. You gotta love the quote in Houdini's own hand: "It is authentic Houdini."

"There will be ten episodes and work will begin about July 15. I cannot announce the complete cast yet, but it will be a notable one. It is the intention to make it a serial that will live long and be remembered."

- B. A. Rolfe

Of course, a year later, this is how Houdini's relationship with B. A. Rolfe ended:

The Evening World, Oct. 9, 1919.


  1. I definitely love it. I had not seen this particular issue of Motion Picture News before. Congratulations to the winner of this rare item.

    1. It also contained a short article about Rolfe's plans. That's where the quote came from.