Sunday, April 16, 2017

A Russian Witch of Lime Street

According to the website WorldCat, this is a Russian edition of David Jahre's 2015 book about Houdini and Margery, The Witch of Lime Street. But I'm not entirely convinced. I don't find Houdini anywhere in the book's Russian description, and who's that supposed to be on the cover? A Russian Houdini?

Still, the title does translate to Witch of Lime Street and the book description does include "Tainstvennaia Mardzheri Krendon" (the mysterious Margery Crandon), so this has something to do with our gal.

You can buy this on

Thanks to Arthur Moses (who else) for the find.

UPDATE: Arthur Moses, who now has a copy in hand, has confirmed that this is indeed the David Jahre book.


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