Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Magic Castle announces name change

The World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood has announced that it will rebrand as "Houdini's Magic Castle." The name change was proposed by general manager Joe Furlow who felt the Houdini name would attract a younger, Criss Angel-like crowd. The name "Criss Angel's Magic Castle" was rejected in an earlier vote for fear it would attract a Criss Angel-like crowd.

A new sign greets guests and AMA members to "Houdini's Magic Castle."

Changes will include replacing the Open Sesame Owl with a Houdini bust. The Palace of Mystery will be renamed The Palace of The Master Mystery. Irma the resident piano-playing ghost will be retired because spirits do not return!

The name change was embraced by AMA member Mike Caveney who was overheard to say, "It's about time Houdini got some recognition." The only hold-out was member Patrick Culliton who felt a more accurate name would have been "The Houdini-Hardeen Magic Castle."

Additionally, the Castle dress code will be amended to allow straitjackets.

The new name is effective as of today, April 1st.


  1. Ha ha ha. Got it and you initially got me! Dale from Cleveland.

  2. The first minute you had me there too! The name change to "Houdini's Magic Castle" did not surprise me since HH is currently popular in our culture. When you began to describe the decor, I went ouch! Burned.

  3. Fun! I knew as soon as I saw your announcement taking stock of the day but you know, we could propose that actual change.................

  4. I knew this was a hoax because when I spoke to Harry at his grave the other day, he said nothing and far be it from HH to not mention something like this .

  5. Glad everyone enjoyed my little Aprils Fools Day joke. :)