Sunday, April 30, 2017

'Houdini Pizza Laboratory' opens in New Jersey

A new Houdini Pizza Laboratory has opened in Fanwood, New Jersey. This is the second "Houdini" pizzeria. The first opened in 2013 not far from Houdini's grave in Ridgewood, Queens.

The new Houdini Pizza Laboratory comes to Fanwood though a partnership between Max Bartoli and Joe Mortarulo. Like the original, it features a wood-burning brick oven that produces traditional thin crust pizza.

Houdini Pizza Laboratory is located at 25 South Avenue, Fanwood, NJ 07023. For more visit the official website or Facebook page.

Thanks to Joe Posnanski for this delicious discovery.



  1. You can imagine what Harry would have thought of the place using his name. He would be storming in the restaurant throwing pizzas all over the place.

    1. Ha! You might be right about that.

    2. Yes, I wondered as I read the post whether Mr. Houdini was a pizza enthusiast or that the owners had some sort of connection to him to warrant the Houdini/pizza combination.

  2. I drove across America in 1991 and discovered a place called Houdini Pizza in Kansas. I stopped in and talked to the owner, asked about the name. He thought it just sounded Italian, which I thought was hilarious! A name paying homage to a Frenchman, adopted by a Hungarian Jew being used on an "Italian" restaurant. I have a photo of the place, I'll dig it up.