Sunday, February 18, 2018

Houdini in World War I exhibition in Richmond

A pair of Houdini handcuffs can be seen as part of an exhibition devoted to World War I at the Virginia Museum of History and Culture in Richmond, Virginia. The display commemorates Houdini's various war efforts, such as teaching soldiers heading overseas the secrets of escaping from German handcuffs and restraints (yes, he really did that).

The exhibition runs February 17 through July 29, 2018. For more information visit the museum website.



  1. Yes, they a way.

    They are actually a foreign copy of the American-made Tower Double-lock handcuff.

    They are known to collectors as a "freak Towers", due to the "sideways keyholes".

    It's country of origin remains in debate. Some speculate Germany.

    Rarer than a "regular" Tower double-lock handcuff, & pricier.

    Date of manufacture: unknown.