Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Houdini comes home in 'La Maison Mystère'

The fourth book in Vivianne Perret's French language "Houdini Magicien & Detective" series, La Maison Mystère (The Mystery House), is released today.

This time the adventure is set in New York in 1904 and takes place largely inside Houdini's newly purchased home at 278 West 113th Street. Vivianne had always planned book 4 to be set inside 278, and it was just a happy coincidence that the house opened up last year while she was writing.

Vivianne's second book, Le Kaiser et le roi des menottes (The Kaiser and the King of Handcuffs), will be released tomorrow in a mass market paperback edition. This time the publisher decided to go with new cover art for the paperback, as can be seen below. Curious art in that it isn't even and illustration of Houdini. Robert-Houdin perhaps?

You can purchase all the "Houdini Magicien & Détective" books from, and

No word yet on Book 5 or English language editions, but fingers crossed that we will see both.



  1. Not Robert-Houdin. Probably something in the public domain. It seems to show the rapping hand trick.

  2. Looking forward to reading thanks! Will be fascinating to see how the house is described relative to Houdini's tricks at home!