Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Rough Riders: Ride or Die begins today with issue 1

Today sees the release of Rough Riders: Ride or Die #1, which kicks off the third Rough Riders storyline by Adam Glass and Patrick Olliffe. The series features Houdini in action alongside Theodore Roosevelt, Annie Oakley and more.

Volume Three of the hit AfterShock Series! A great jumping-on point!

It’s 1906 and Theodore Roosevelt is the sitting president when a familiar face from his past asks him once again to call upon the Rough Riders to save the world. But this time it’s not anarchists or aliens—no, it's something from the great beyond. Something so ancient and inherently evil that the Rough Riders will need to add to their ranks in hopes of defeating it. Who will be the newest historical figure to have the honor to call themselves a Rough Rider?

Collected editions of the first and second Rough Riders series can be purchased at


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