Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Houdini on The Alienist

Houdini appeared on the TNT original series The Alienist doing a suspended straitjacket escape at the start of season 2, episode 6 ("Memento Mori"). I've not been able to discover who played Houdini. The series is set in New York but shoots in Budapest, as did the Houdini Miniseries. Here are some images.

Let's hope we'll see more Houdini in future episodes! 

The Alienist is available via the TNT app. But if you don't have cable you can see the Houdini scene within the 5 minute episode preview at the TNT website.


  1. Historical mistake with Houdini being in The Alienist. The story takes place in 1896. Houdini's fame did not come until 1900. And Houdini didn't escape from straightjackets for another fifteen years or so. Liked Houdini's inclusion in The Alienist. But not actually possible.

    1. True! Although in October of that year you would have been able to catch The Houdinis at Tony Pastor's. And he was doing handcuff escapes at police stations. But, yeah, the big outdoor stunts like this were yet to come.

  2. Oops! I forgot which ep you said this was so I started with 1x01, then watched 1x02 and now I see you said season TWO, so apparently I have a long wait! I do actually like the show but I won't be able to hold off until another season. Plus the next episode is free and the next are $3 a piece (even with On-Demand and the TNT channel in my line-up, grr).

    1. Okay, I just watched the clip. I do love the scenery and everything. I did not like that dude's hair. There's a guy (the Marcus Isaacs character) in the first couple episodes who reminded me a lot of Harry (on the tall side) who even had a brother who was a doctor and made me think of Leo. They would have been way better, in my opinion!


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