Saturday, August 15, 2020

Zabrecky in the Seance Room

This Sunday's Academy of Magical Arts "Behind the Bookcase" will feature the masterful and always spooky Rob Zabrecky with a history of the famous Magic Castle Houdini Seance. We'll also learn details about the NEW Houdini Seance Experience (the launch of which has been delayed by Covid).

There’s no question that Rob Zabrecky is versatile. He’s won six AMA awards (did we mention that the Awards Show is coming up on August 23rd?), and performs all over the place. But perhaps the best fit for him has been the Magic Castle® Houdini Séance. Since 2010, Rob has been one of the regular séance mediums, doing hundreds of mesmerizing performances for AMA members and their guests in his ghoulish guise as the "Ghost Host." 

On Sunday, August 16th, at 7:00 p.m. PT, Mr. Z will lift the veil on the Castle’s famous attraction. He’ll discuss the history of the room, regale you with tales of the handful of mediums who have also performed in that strange, dark chamber, and also present a conversation with the longtime resident medium, Leo Kostka. Plus, you’ll learn about the future plans for the room. Hosted by Trustee Jonathan Levit, it will be a fun and memorable evening. Open to all members, by going to, entering the Members Only area, and then clicking into "Live! Behind The Bookcase."

Heads up that this Thursday, August 20, I will be going "Behind the Bookcase" with a VERY special Houdini presentation. I'll post full details soon. (If you follow me on Twitter, you've already seen a tease).


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