Thursday, October 1, 2020

Spooks ahead

October is here and what better way to mark the start of seance and spook season than with this fantastic photo of Bess Houdini and Edward Saint in full-on ghost hunters mode. I've never seen this image before and I love it! This photo accompanied an October 27, 1947 article in The Tampa Tribune about the revival of Houdini seances (which I will be talking more about this month). This was well after both Bess and Ed had entered the great beyond themselves.

Below are some more spooky links to put you in the October mood.


  1. Great catch! I love photos of post HH Bess. Saint is holding a flashlight, what the heck were they up to in this photo?

  2. I'm surprised someone hasn't written a mystery novel series inspired by this photo!

    1. The Bess & Ed Mysteries. Now that's Houdini fiction I'd buy!

  3. Tampa where I am from, this news makes me so happy to know lil bess was here. I moved to NYC for a time was honored to be so close to their old haunts but this news is incredible.