Saturday, September 11, 2021

Genii & Hardeen: August 1942

Here's an update to my Genii & Houdini series from 2012. Back then I was on the fence about including this issue as it's a Hardeen cover without much mention of Houdini inside. Also, I didn't have a copy. But I do now, so what the heck. We love Dash, and this was his first Genii cover, so...

The issue includes a nice snappy profile of Hardeen's life and career, culminating with his current run on Broadway in the Olsen and Johnson hit show, Hellzapoppin.

It is notable that Hardeen is the legal successor today. And I think, when Hardeen is playing Broadway that if Houdini could look down and talk, he'd say–– "Nice going, brother, nice going."

A nice quote from Bess also appears at the end of Gerrie Larsen's Magical's column. She's following in the footsteps of her Harry, pushing War Bonds in this new time of need.

Click here for a list of all the Genii-Houdini cover issues. We were overdue for a new cover in 2012, so I would say we are now WAY overdue!


  1. Nice post John! What did Hardeen wind up with after HH died? The stage magic props and the manacles collection? According to Radner Hardeen had the diving suit and reels of films. That makes sense see he did manage the FDC.

    1. Houdini's Will read: "...all my theatrical effects, new mysteries and illusions and accompanying paraphernalia." So pretty much everything!

    2. I think that meant all of the magic props and the manacles collection. An article should be written on where HH's vast collection fanned out after his death. It stayed with just a few people until fairly recently with universities, museums, government institutions, and private collectors.