Sunday, November 14, 2021

LINK: Cats in Juxtaposition

Houdini and cats? Yes please!

Click the headline to see this full original artwork by Dyanne Brown juxtaposing Houdini's Double Fold Death Defying Mystery with an American Bobtail.

Thanks to Barry Spector for this find. Barry has also found inspiration in the Double Fold box and is currently working on a new Houdini house wood creation.



  1. Makes sense to me. Cats love boxes...and getting into them!

  2. I don't believe Harry and Bess owned any cats. Bess may have when she lived on the west coast in the 1930s.

    1. There's a group shot at 278 of all family and their pets and there are a few cats in the shot. There is one nice photo of Bess and a cat in the 1930s. But I've not heard of them ever specifically owning a cat.

    2. Yes--the 1930s California photo of Bess cradling a cat like it was an infant. Don't recall the 278 group shot. Is that published somewhere?

    3. Page 104 in Henning. "The Whole Damn Family." Leo and Gladys are holding cats. Looks like Elsie might be as well.