Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Watch Houdini's (complete) overboard box escape

Here's another excerpt from 'High Lights in the Strenuous Career of Harry Houdini, Edited and Compiled by Houdini's Brother Hardeen'.

Here is what appears to be the complete footage of a Houdini overboard box escape. This runs 2 minutes longer than the restoration I attempted back in 2011. This also confirms the identifies of the other magicians seen in the video. Enjoy.

What this footage doesn't do is offer any clue as to where and when this escape took place. But we can see doughboys in the crowd, which suggests this is during the war years. You'll notice Houdini is making a speech before being closed in the crate. Any lip readers among us?

This remains the only known footage of this iconic Houdini escape.

Thanks to escape artist Rick Maisel for allowing me to share this rare footage. A playlist of these clips can be found on the WILD ABOUT HARRY YouTube Channel.

UPDATE: I've now identified when and where this escape took place. Read: Houdini's overboard box footage identified at last!



  1. Love seeing Kellar and Leipzig among the onlookers! Houdini of course always rocks!

  2. This Overboard has to be in a newspaper somewhere. 1918? When Keller did the Antilles Benefit Show in NYC?

    1. I've looked and looked. Yes, I was thinking maybe this was a second stunt to promote the Antilles benefit (1917). But I can't find anything.

  3. I already watched on youtube.

  4. Before the crate hits the water something appears to drop from it - a white object any ideas? Where was the camera getting a close up of his hand in the water?

  5. I now know where this took place! But I don't yet know when. But it's pre 1918. Standby.