Sunday, June 24, 2018

Terror Island overboard box escape footage FOUND!

Today Joe Notaro at Harry Houdini Circumstantial Evidence shares a monumental discovery. He has located the missing overboard box escape footage from the lost Reel 4 of Houdini's Terror Island! Incredibly, the footage has been hiding in plain sight on a commercially available (but out of print) DVD. Joe covered his amazing find in the two posts below:

So how can one see this footage? At the moment, the only way is to attempt to find the DVD set You Asked For It - Rare Magic Films, which was released by Todd Karr's The Miracle Factory in October 2013. Happy hunting.

Thank you Joe for this incredible news. With the current exhibition at the Catalina Island Museum, what a year of Terror this is turning out to be!

UPDATE: Joe continues his investigation with a theory of how Terror Island's lost reels become lost. He has also uncovered exactly when the Library of Congress received their print. It's more great stuff, so click to read: What happened to the missing Terror Island Reels?


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  1. I'm happy to have now landed a copy of this DVD, thanks largely to Joe for giving me a heads up. It's not easy to find, and not cheap when you find it.