Monday, June 6, 2022

Barry Spector recreates Houdini's Russian Manacle

Our friend and master woodworker Barry Spector has produced another amazing work of Houdini art. This time he has crafted a working replica of the famous Russian Manacle, one of Houdini's more elusive "super cuffs." The cuffs are made from mahogany and the key is made from the 278 wood Barry acquired back in 2019. I actually never realized until I saw this recreation that a panel slid down over the keyhole. Check out the images provided by Barry below.

The real Russian Manacle survives and is currently housed in the collection of The Society of American Magicians Hall of Fame and Museum. That collection was last displayed at the Whittier Historical Society & Museum, but has been out of view since 2014.

Barry also recently made a small-scale replica of Houdini's famous Double Fold Death Defying Mystery box. He even built into it what he believes is the secret (but we can't show you that). The real Double Fold box is owned by David Copperfield.

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  1. Amazing! There isn't anything that man can't craft out of wood.