Friday, June 10, 2022

Weird Tales Presents: The Strange World of Harry Houdini

LibriVox is offering audio recordings of all the Houdini Weird Tales stories as well as his "Ask Houdini" columns. Read by Ben Tucker, the recordings can be played or downloaded for free. There's even downloadable CD cover art.

In 1924, the odd and wonderful Weird Tales Magazine published a series of stories written (or ghost-written in at least one instance) by noted illusionist and skeptic Harry Houdini. In addition to these supposed exploits by the famous escape artist, the magazine hosted a series of "Ask Houdini" sections soliciting readers to ask questions of the great Houdini which he would respond to in turn in a future issue. These Ask Houdini segments are included here in addition to the Houdini stories to create a comprehensive collection of writings by and about Harry Houdini in Weird Tales! - Summary by Ben Tucker.


  1. Thanks for sharing!
    If you want some more info on Houdini’s Weird Tales Ghostwriters check out this link:

  2. If Houdini was able to write a story today, would it be considered"ghost written"?