Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Anniversary gift

To mark Harry and Bess's 128th wedding anniversary today, here's a rarity from the McCord Museum. As I've noted in a few posts, the McCord is celebrating their own 100th anniversary by offering images from their collection free of use.

The below is from their Houdini holdings and might seem innocuous at first. I don't even think this is Houdini's handwriting. But the date tells us this is something very special.

McCord Museum

This appears to be a tag that accompanied flowers or some other gift from Houdini to Bess on their Silver Anniversary on June 22, 1919. The Houdinis celebrated the day with a gala dinner at the Hotel Alexandra in Los Angeles. The hotel and ballroom still exist. I had a visit in 2019.

Here's wishing Harry and Bess a happy 128th. I'm not sure what metal that would be, but it would need to be a rare one!


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  1. A nice catch! It's easy to miss stuff on the McCord Museum site. An innocuous scribble on a card, but it carries a lot of weight. Hotel AlexandrIa...