Tuesday, June 7, 2022

This may be last call for a 278 wood-made collectible

Yesterday I received a magnificent gift from Louis Grande at Houdini's 278 Project. These are cufflinks made of wood from Houdini's New York home (278). I can't wait to flash these at the Magic Castle!

For those who might be wondering how this can be, it all started back in 2019 when I put up this post alerting Houdini buffs that the new owners of 278 were about to throw out a large quality of wood stripped from the house during renovations. Several artists and entrepreneurs stepped forward and the result has been some remarkable collectibles made from that precious wood, such as: magic wands, pens, pendants, Ouija boards, and, yes, these awesome cufflinks!

But the house renovations are finished, the wood is long gone, and many of these rarities were limited and now sold out. Even artist Barry Spector tells me his stock of quality wood is low and he has retired his magic wand series. So as far as I know, the last best place to get a new 278 wood collectible is Houdini's 278 Project. And now seeing their cufflinks in the flesh, I can attest to the excellent quality of their work.

But I would strike soon. There will come a time when all this will be part of Houdini 278 history.

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