Monday, July 25, 2022

Houdini 278 parlor photos sell on eBay

Two fantastic photos of Houdini demonstrating magic inside his New York home (278) sold on eBay yesterday for $965 and $930. These photos where taken as part of series of shots for an article in the January 1926 Popular Science Monthly, "Lessons in Magic" by Houdini. 

What I really love about these images is they give a great look at the trophy cases that lined the west wall of the 278 parlor. You can also see the large built-in mirror that is still there. I'm also pretty sure I can spot  the recently rediscovered breakfront, now housed at the Harry Ransom Center, in the background inside the passage to the library. It interesting that Houdini's famous bronze bust, which can be seen in the corner in other photos, appears to have been moved to another location by the time of this shoot.

Below you can see how one of these photos appeared in the Popular Science article. The workshop photo seen here also recently sold on eBay for $1,225.

Original archive photos such as these from Brown Brothers continue to surface and sell on eBay. The high prices are keeping me at bay, but at least we get to mine the valuable Houdini history they contain.

Congrats to the winner of these amazing images.


  1. Wow! Interior photos of HH era 278 are gold!

    1. Tell me about it! And these are great ones. Now if I could just get a look at the other side of the room.