Monday, July 18, 2022

Hello gorgeous

What a way to start the week. While doing some quick research for a post about Houdini in Cincinnati, I stumbled on a photo I've never seen before. And I love it! So I decide to chuck my plans for the day and immediately share this stunner. What a look.

I guess I should provide a bit of background. This ran on the front page of The Cincinnati Post on April 8, 1925. Houdini is holding a certified check for $5000 as a challenge to local medium, Mrs. Laura A. Pruden, to demonstrate genuine spiritualistic phenomena. Houdini said, "Mrs. Pruden told me she was too busy housecleaning to give me a seance, so I offered $5000 as a special inducement."

Mrs. Pruden (wisely) declined.


  1. That's a great photo! It's 1925 and he put on a dress shirt with the old style collar. By this time he looks more contemporary in photos with modern dress shirts and ties. This one is an exception.

  2. I now realize this photo does appear elsewhere. Bragging rights to the person who can tell me where. It might even be on something in your own collection!

  3. Let me see if I can fix this up for you.