Sunday, July 10, 2022

Houdini kicks off his heels for the Ladies

This original press photo sold in Haversat & Ewing's latest magic auction for $560.50. There's a lot to love about this image. But what I especially like is it gives us a good look at Houdini's boots. Look at the size of those heels!

This photo was part of series taken at the White Studios in New York to illustrate Houdini's article, "How I Get Out of My Rope Ties," in the June 1918 The Ladies' Home Journal. I've always thought this was an unusual choice of magazine for this and his companion article, "How I Get Out of a Strait-Jacket." But I love the photos they gave us!



  1. A couple of things to note here: HH started working The Master Mystery in July 1918. That means this photo session was before he cut and dyed his hair. It looks a bit out of control in these photos. Harry wore lifts now and then. You can see them in the 3 in One stage photo from the Henning book. Spanish boots in this photo? He wasn't a boot guy.

    1. It's appears he got his hair cut and dye job while filming The Master Mystery, which wreaks havoc with the continuity. Three episodes in and his hair completely changes. But I guess Quentin Locke could have gotten a makeover between bouts with the Automaton. ;p

    2. Sounds like somebody on the film setsuggested the hair improvements. He was kinda looking like the Wild Man of Borneo.

    3. According to THIS, it was the director.

    4. Good catch! The director knew what he was doing. The short cut dark hair was Harry's best route.