Saturday, September 3, 2022

Houdini inspires The Sensational Silver City

Houdini and his 1909 visit to Aberdeen is the inspiration for an art installation by visual artist Graeme Roger at the Wonderland festival running Sept. 8-11, 2022. Below is a description:

‘THE SENSATIONAL SILVER CITY’ is a film and sound installation that pays homage to this theatrical event by filming a cross section of the North-east community underwater and suspended in time.  A sound design for the work created with composer Lucie Treacher accompanies the work which features the voices of an Aberdeen chorus to create a new ethereal and theatrical artwork.
The inspiration behind the project is based on when the world-famous magician and escapologist Harry Houdini dove into Aberdeen harbour whilst in chains in 1909. A large crowd gathered during a storm to witness him handcuffed and chained and then dropping into the sea from a tugboat within the breakwater of the navigation Channel.  There are many references to his ‘notorious manacled dives’ and the level of drama was high as he spent a minute and a half in the murky depths before resurfacing and coming ashore at Fittie. Many people believed Houdini had superhuman powers, he was a headline grabbing, public celebrity sensation.

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  1. "Many people believed Houdini had superhuman powers..." He did too and committed the mortal sin of buying into his own legend.