Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Houdini/Archie Bunker connection

So what do Houdini and Archie Bunker -- the outspoken head of household played by Carroll O’Connor in the classic ‘70s sitcom All in the Family -- have in common? Turns out both are “spiritual” residents of Glendale, Queens.

An article in today’s AM New York profiling the community of Glendale, points out that the neighborhood is not only home to Houdini’s family plot in Machpelah Cemetery (this we knew), but it is also home to Archie Bunker’s House.

The house, featured in the show’s opening credits, is not in Astoria as the show suggests, but sits on a quiet street in Glendale across from St. John’s Cemetery at 89-70 Cooper Ave.

(Actually, there is another connection. Actress Sally Struthers, who played Archie’s daughter Gloria on the show, portrayed Bess Houdini in the 1976 TV film, The Great Houdinis.)

So there you go. Now you have TWO things to see when you visit Glendale.

Read A Visit to Glendale: The Teutonic turf of Archie Bunker and Harry Houdini at AM New York.

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