Thursday, October 7, 2010

'Dear Sweet Harry' brings Houdini home

New Zealand author and poet Lynn Jenner has alerted us to her new book, Dear Sweet Harry, a unique collection of autobiographical stories and poetry that ties her own family history with that of Houdini and Mata Hari.

In Dear Sweet Harry, Houdini raises hell in the streets. A sea monster washes up near Boston and enters vaudeville. Mata Hari writes from Berlin; the Imperial Government arranges for the whole of New Zealand available meat supply to be exported to the United Kingdom; and Grandfather Harry is sent to the Western Front. Lynn Jenner’s first book is the autobiography of an obsession, a tender and virtuoso ‘Hey presto!’ in which a collection of ephemera, tokens and fiery and precise poems casts the pink light of memory. Global, offbeat, remarkable.

Dear Sweet Harry can be purchased now at Amazon.

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