Friday, June 15, 2012

Houdini apparition appears in Visalia?

We've all heard tales of the Virgin Mary or Jesus manifesting on stone walls in Central America; but how about a Houdini apparition in Visalia, California? Gaze below at the evidence!

Okay, maybe this isn't an apparition. Maybe this is just someone who is Wild About Harry and has painted the side of their house with the image of the Master Mystifier (which, by the way, appears similar to artwork used by the Houdini Historical Center years ago). But it's still pretty cool!

Thanks to my great friend and Visalia resident Cheri Levin Richey for the alert and the pic.

UPDATE: This image was originally created by Chuck Romano. You can read about it on his blog. My Magic Uncle.


  1. That does look a lot like the drawing used by the Houdinini Historical Center (HHC). I should know, because I drew it. At first I used the image on notecards ( The HHC asked to use it and it appeared on the cover of their catalog. I own the copyright and never gave anyone permission to use it except the HHC.

    1. Thanks Chuck. I have that catalog. I wanted to include the cover image as a link here, but I couldn't find it. Nice work, btw.