Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Harry and Bess 2012 style

Escape, a comedic new off-Broadway play by Susan Mosakowski, is now playing at the La MaMa Theatre in New York. The play features the interactions of three couples, among them Houdini's grandson, Harry Houdini III, played by Carlo Alban, and his wife, Bess, played by Samantha Soule.

According to a review The New York Post:

"Harry, who longs to follow in his famous grandfather’s footsteps, hopes to audition for the Ringling Brothers circus, but can’t extricate himself from anything. It’s up to Bess to pay the bills with her job at an S&M club.
The characters’ fates become entangled when Harry’s neighbors find the straitjacket and coffin that he’s thrown out in fits of disgust.
This daffy absurdist comedy has its moments, especially when the hapless Harry is rescued time and again by his patient wife.

Escape plays through June 24 at La MaMa's First Floor Theater located at 74A East 4th Street. Visit the La MaMa website for times and tickets.

1907 style

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