Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Adrien Brody nominated for SAG Award for 'Houdini'

The Houdini miniseries continues to collect honors. Today it was announced that star Adrien Brody has been nominated by the Screen Actors Guild for "Best Actor, TV Movie or Miniseries."

Brody's competition is Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock: His Last Vow (PBS), Richard Jenkins in Olive Kitteridge (HBO), Billy Bob Thornton in Fargo (FX), and Mark Ruffalo in The Normal Heart (HBO).

Brody posted his thanks and appreciation on Instagram along with a great mock-up Houdini poster.

HISTORY has tweeted their congratulations to Brody with this image:

Click to enlarge.

Winners will be announced on January 25, 2015 at a ceremony in Los Angeles.


  1. I never heard of the SAG and WGA awards. Let' add them to the:

    1. Emmy
    2. Tony
    3. Oscar
    4. Academy
    5. TV Land
    6. Grammy

  2. Don't forget the Golden Globes. And about a hundred others. Hollywood loves to hand out awards to themselves.

    The WGA, SAG, and DGA awards can be early indicators of how the Emmys and Oscars will go, if one follows this stuff.

  3. Just to show you the power these awards can really have, when I used to work as a film projectionist at the local mall theater, certain films would do almost no business. Those films would receive prestigious awards later in the year, and suddenly a print of one of those films would return to the theater. I would look at the metal canisters that contained the film and wonder "Didn't that film play here 6 months ago and quietly moved on?" Of course, it began to do huge business when it bagged awards.

    Yes, we are in the Age of Mediocrity: Lots of awards, self congratulations and back slapping for average work (at best) produced.