Friday, December 12, 2014

Houdini discoveries past and present

Mega collector Arthur Moses sends over news of a few recent discoveries. First up, Arthur has found a hitherto unknown 1913 edition of Houdini's popular pitchbook. Says Arthur:

"I recently bought a 1913 edition of Handcuff Tricks Exposed which is the same 32 pages as the known 1910 edition, only difference is the obvious on first page. Also on bottom of last page number 32, in small font, the 1913 shows "WILLSONS', PRINTERS, LEICESTER" (where-as the 1910 does not). I checked with the pitchbook pro, John Bushey, and he did not know of this 1913 edition!"

Handcuff Tricks Exposed: 1913 edition (left) and 1910 edition (right).

A slightly newer find (by 101 years) is Tied Up in Knots - The Story Of Houdini in both English and Spanish editions. This is a 16 pages educational primer by Emiliano Bermejo Black and is unavailable to the public. Arthur has made a few copies available on eBay.

Thank you, Arthur!


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