Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Houdini/LeRoy signed souvenir sells on eBay

Here's a unique one. This souvenir card from a 1925 Cleveland Magicians Club event with Houdini and Servais LeRoy sold on eBay over the weekend for $2,080. The card is signed by Houdini, LeRoy, and Bess "(me too)." Houdini was performing at the Palace Theater in Cleveland at this time.

Seller description: For your consideration is this rare original signed card from the Cleveland Magicians Club featuring Harry Houdini and Servais LeRoy.

LeRoy was a Belgian magician, illusion designer and businessman. He was credited as the inventor of the classic levitation illusion called Asrah the Floating Princess. He performed for many years in Belgium, London, and the US, among other places. He was a true innovator and inventor in the field of magic.

It is rare to find signed Le Roy items, but in combination with Houdini's and Bess's signatures, this makes this a historic and likely a one of a kind piece of history. It would make a fantastic addition to your collection.

Well, it appears it did make a fantastic addition to someone's collection! (Our friend Dale from Cleveland perhaps?) Congrats to the winner.


  1. It's not unique. Rare, for sure, but not unique. Another copy was (is?) in the collection of Kenna Thompson and can be seen in the book: Servais LeRoy, Monarch of Mystery, by Mike Caveney and William Rauscher. That one, too, has Bessie's signature on the side with the "me too". Still, a nice piece.

  2. I also have an example of this. Signed the same by all three.

    1. Yep, sounds like there are a few of these around. BTW, Bruce MacNab just pointed out -- Friday the 13th!

  3. Apparently HH and Le Roy signed a stack of them at the Magician's Club.

  4. I've seen this around and it garnered my interest, but I tend to shy away from ebay auctions. I did last year acquire a Houdini program from his performance at the Hippodrome in Cleveland, so I do have something local from one of his performances, but this would have been cool to acquire and, based on what others are saying, perhaps I'll yet get my hands on one of any extra signed copies.--Dale from Cleveland