Saturday, June 24, 2017

LINK: You can live in Harry Houdini’s historic magician’s lair

The New York Post has an article by Michael Kaplan about Houdini's home in Harlem. The big news this week is that the house is now on the market for $4.6 million.

This is a well researched piece that, I'm honored to say, used a few quotes from me. Also some gems by the great Patrick Culliton.

So click the headline and have a read. And check back here tomorrow for my own mammoth post in which I will take you "Inside 278."

UPDATE: Dorothy Dietrich nd Dick Brookz of the Houdini Museum in Scranton picked me up a copy of the printed Post article, which I've added to my old school scrapbook (going since 1975).  Nice layout.



  1. Why doesn't Copperfield buy it?? Wonder if there's some way someone could reach out to him

  2. DC is aware that 278 is for sale. Something like this does not go below the radar in the magic world.

    Nice article by Kaplan!

  3. Nice little appetizer.No need for a chiropractor for Harry then ;-)

  4. Didn`t HH break open that bottom front entrance to the basement of 278? Wasn`t that how he managed to get a lot of his stuff into the house?

    1. Hold these kinds of questions for the big post. All will be explained (or not). Just proofing...