Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Arturo Balseiro's Houdini bust is breathtaking

Renowned Spanish makeup artist Arturo Balseiro has revealed his amazing life-like Houdini bust made of silicone. This is quite a work of art. Arturo will produce a limited edition of 10. Pictured here is bust #1 which is available now.

  • Silicone bust (last at least 20 years in a good condition showcase).
  • Punched man hair in head, brows and eyelashes.
  • Leather and canvas straitjacket (can be done in synthetic leather in case of vegan collector).
  • Plastic chain and padlock (for lightweight shipping costs), can choose real metal chains and padlock.
  • Acrylic resin eyes.
  • Polychromed Fiberglass base.

The price is $4,800 plus shipping. If interested, you can message Arturo via his Instagram or his official website. (I can also put you in direct contact.) Please mention that you saw it here on Wild About Harry. If I help Arturo sell a few, it will go toward reducing the price of a bust for myself. Thanks!



  1. I think one of these should go straight to Copperfield's museum. Perched somewhere in his Houdini exhibit.

    1. I actually wouldn't put this in the Houdini exhibit as I think that's sacred space for authentic Houdini memorabilia only. I like when David says if Houdini walked into that area "he would recognize his whole life around him." This might actually be a distraction. But I do think it would look fantastic in some regular area, like an office or somewhere where you could take a photo with it.

    2. That makes sense. I think the most realistic aspect of this bust is the mouth. The lips match Harry's to a tee

    3. Good observation about the mouth. You're right.

  2. The eyes seem to be the right shade (bluish-brown from what I've read). This bust is so stunning and lifelike, I almost expect it to start wriggling! (But I hope it doesn't.)

  3. Fine work. Such attention to detail except for the machine welded chain and modern day pin tumbler padlock. Hopefully the artist will invest in some hardware that is period correct or just forego the chain and lock.

    1. I love the chains but, yes, a period padlock would be nice. I'm sure you could snap one on yourself.

    2. I agree John, that ABUS brand "diskus" padlock is very cool, however it wasn't invented until the mid 1970's.


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