Sunday, August 4, 2019

Circus Busch Houdini poster for sale at Magic Live

An original poster for Houdini at the Circus Busch in Berlin is being offered for sale by Nielsen Magic at the MAGIC Live convention which kicks off today in Las Vegas. The poster is from 1908 and is a beauty.

Variants of this poster exist. Some have alternate typeface, but the version below has always intrigued me. Here Houdini's head has been replaced showing him at an older age (we also see this in a German Cologne Trial poster). This is likely from 1912 when he again played an extended engagement (two months) at the Circus Busch.

UPDATE: According to Lupe: "The Houdini did sell, but I won't be disclosing the sale price. Do know that it did go for a mid level five figure amount."



  1. Just wanted you to know how much your Houdini blog has meant to me. I became fascinated by the man after seeing the Tony Curtis movie on tv in the sixties. I read what books I could find, but your blog and the in-depth articles have made Houdini seem human to me after all instead of a mythic character. Again, many thanks.

  2. Thank you so much Doug. Thrilled that you've been able to continue your Houdini journey here. :)

  3. Lupe posted a pic of David Copperfield who stopped by her booth. I wonder if he took home a poster. :)