Sunday, August 4, 2019

Posting comments

Hi everyone. I know some of you have had trouble posting comments here on WILD ABOUT HARRY. I've done a little research and it appears this could be because I was using an embedded comments design option. According to Blogger Help:

"This option (embedded) uses third-party cookies to connect users to comments. Many people disable third-party cookies on their browsers, and that is the usual cause of this problem."

I've now switched to a pop up option. You'll need to click "Post a Comment" to bring up the dialog box. One thing that has been lost is the ability to reply to individual comments. This is a shame, but if it helps more people share, then maybe worth it.

If you are having issues commenting from a phone, know that just might not be doable. Blogger is still a nice free platform, but it's barely supported anymore, and I'm not sure Google is keeping up with the next generation mobile interface. That's the price of free.

So if you've had trouble commenting in the past, maybe give this new way a try and see what happens. Thanks!

UPDATE: I've not received any feedback that this has made anything easier for folks. But what I have noticed is the pop up option is now giving me issues with my own comments. So I've switched back to an embedded format, but I will continue to experiment. One thing I would suggest to those of you who would like to make frequent comments is to create a Blogger account. You don't have to provide personal info, and you can stay signed in and comment easily. I'd also recommend using Chrome. Thanks!

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