Thursday, May 21, 2020

The 'Houdini House Pen' gets it write

Our friend and woodworking artist Barry Spector has teamed with Master pen maker Mike Duffy to create a very special limited edition Houdini House Pen. This high quality pen has been beautifully crafted from authentic wood from Houdini's New York home (stand not included).

Barry has been creating unique works of art using wood lath from Houdini's 278 (see related links below). But for these Barry and Mike did not use lath. The wood for these pens comes from the window casing of a mystery room located off Houdini's library in the back of the house, possibly once used by his brother Leopold as his "operating room." The window was removed during recent renovations.

I'm excited to have received one of these yesterday (No. 3), and I can attest to the fact that it is a heavy duty quality pen in all regards. In fact, it's so nice, I'm afraid to use it!

Each pen comes with a certificate of authenticity. Two styles of presentation cases can also be purchased at extra cost.

You can purchase the Houdini House Pen at Etsy



  1. Whoa! Page shows sold out already. That was fast. Not sure if they'll make more and restock. Hope everyone that wanted one got one!

  2. I'm sending Mike additional Houdini wood to work. Thanks for all the orders.

  3. John- got more wood from Barry. I'm ready to make more if you want to send them my way. Thanks Mike

  4. I'll be able to make 20-30 more with what I have now

  5. John thanks for the post. I was able to get one from Mike before the re-supply. Can't speak highly enough about the quality of the pen or case. Fantastic!

  6. Cool pen how long does it take to get one??