Sunday, April 17, 2016

Listen to The Master Mystery

As we know, Houdini's 1918 movie serial The Mastery Mystery was published as a photoplay edition by Grosset and Dunlap. This book makes for a nice Houdini/silent cinema collectible, especially when found with the original dust jacket  (right). It's also a valuable tool when trying to piece together the 15 episodes of the existing film, which does not survive complete.

The Master Mystery photoplay is in the public domain and has been reprinted several times. But now LibriVox Audiobooks has recorded an audiobook version complete and unabridged. The recording comes in at a whopping 7 hours 52 minutes and can be listened to in it's entirety for free. The reader is Roger Merlin.

You can also download a full version in various formats along with cover art and CD insert at the LibriVox website.


  1. Nice!
    An audio version also exists on the HOUDINI Sounds of Mystery CD which also includes Houdini’s voice, The Final Houdini Séance, and other Houdini audio material.
    John: I currently have the Master Mystery (that includes episodes 3-6 and 11 that are missing on Kino) reserved at UCLA for the Spring Semester and could take a small group (e.g., Houdini Nuts) to view it in a private room. Email if interested and we can set something up.