Saturday, October 1, 2022

Dr. Randall Bell is about to wow us

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having lunch at the Magic Castle with Dr. Randall Bell, a life-long Houdini fan and avid collector since the 1990s. His collection will be displayed for the first time at Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center in Anaheim, California, starting October 8, 2022. Dr. Bell gave me a taste of what to expect and...holy smokes!

We already know about the Milk Can, but there will be other pieces of original Houdini apparatus that have never been exhibited before. I also got a peek at an extraordinary letter written by Bess Houdini in her final days which provides a striking new detail about Houdini's death. That letter will also be on display for all to read.

There's more, but I'm not here to spoil the surprises. I'm just giving an excited heads up that this exhibition is going to be something special and will wow Houdini buffs.

It was clear from our conversation that Dr. Bell is a true admirer of Houdini. He credits the example Houdini's life and work ethic as helping guide him in his own life and career. He feels Houdini can inspire others and that he can be a true hero for young people. This is why he's so passionate about sharing his collection and using it to help tell Houdini's inspiring story.

There will be a special opening day reception at Muzeo next Saturday, October 8, from 4PM-6PM. The event is free but you need to RSVP HERE. I'm going to be there. Hope to see some fellow Houdini nuts there as well.

Thank you for the lunch Randy!


  1. This Houdini Nut is planning on being there. Can't wait!

    1. I’m counting on you two Googleys to be my eyes and ears -sounds intriguing! -Tim K.

    2. Will do Googley! And you patrons will get the first look.

  2. Incredible! So kind of Dr. Bell to share his Houdini collection with us! I'm salivating like one of Pavlov's dogs to see photos of the exhibit. And that Bess letter...holy smokes.

  3. We went and visited this exhibit, and to our surprise Dr. Bell was there. An amazing and passionate man. Dr. Bell shared his stories of how he built his collection over the decades. What an amazing experience.