Sunday, October 23, 2022

Join the Original Houdini Seance live on Zoom

UPDATE: Zoom link now added below

Dorothy Dietrich and Dick Brookz will hold their "Original Houdini Seance" from the Houdini Museum in Scranton live on Zoom on October 31 starting at 12:30 PM EST. The event is free and open for anyone to join. Below are details. 

Coming this October 31, HALLOWEEN, our classic and internationally famous ORIGINAL HOUDINI SEANCE! It will be on ZOOM and live at The Houdini Museum. The last two years each had over 200 attendees making them the largest Houdini Seances in history. And as demanded by Bess Houdini, THEY'RE FREE TO ALL! 
The event will begin at 12:30 PM EST. There will be several speakers who will give insights into Houdini and the meaning of the event. There will be several demonstrations and artifacts will be displayed. At 1:26 PM a moment of silence immediately followed by the Seance.  

After Party… Open the zoom audience to discuss Houdini and the Seance experience.

You are invited to get a virtual front row seat and close up look at this memorable historic Houdini event. Will Houdini give us a sign from the Beyond? Who Knows… 

Join The Original Houdini Seance on Zoom
Meeting ID: 822 7797 3604
Passcode: 026330

Please note the Zoom meeting link and details are forthcoming. I will add them to this post when available and also send them out via my newsletter and Patreon.

Hope to see you there!

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