Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Magic Collectors' Corner Halloween Special

The upcoming Halloween weekend just gets better and better! Today comes news that The Magic Collectors' Corner will return this Sunday, Oct. 30, in a Halloween Special with an exciting Houdini twist. I'll let David and Lance tell you themselves.

This Special Halloween Show Will Be Absolutely Full Of Tricks And Treats! 

It's the Halloween season! It's Magic Week! It's Houdini Time! And this show promises to be one of our most memorable ones EVER! 

We're in New York City... and we'll be broadcasting LIVE from one of the most unique magical places in the entire world! Have any ideas of where we'll be yet? Here's a hint... I could give you at least 278 reasons why you shouldn't miss this show. That's a pretty strong clue. Any guesses yet? 

On the eve of the 96th anniversary of the untimely death of Harry Houdini, we're going to join you LIVE from the actual home of one of the biggest names in magic! YES, IT'S ABSOLUTELY TRUE! For this show only, we've relocated our little Magic Collectors Corner studio from St. Joseph, Missouri to 278 West 113th Street in New York City! You read that correctly... we'll be doing our Halloween special show from the actual home of Harry & Bess Houdini!!! We owe a special thanks to the current owners and residents of Houdini's home, Vincent & Niro Toms, who will give us a tour of this historical property!

And to make a great thing even better, Houdini expert and historian John Cox will be joining us for the fun and sharing some unbelievable stories and facts! 

PLUS... we will talk to the incomparable Leo Behnke about one of the finest manufacturers and inventors of magic, Merv Taylor! Leo is an incredible wealth of information and stories... and we'll sit down with him in the unbelievable library at David Copperfield's International Museum and Library of the Conjuring Arts! 

But wait... there's more! If time allows, we'll head over to Egyptian Hall and the home of Mike Caveney in Pasadena and drool over some gorgeous posters very few people have ever seen! Seriously, you won't believe your eyes! 

It's this Sunday, October 30, 2022! Trust me... it's going to be jam-packed and phenomenal! 

As usual, the show will be held on the ZOOM platform. The start time is 5:00pm Pacific, 6:00pm Mountain, 7:00pm Central, and 8:00pm Eastern. 

Topic: Magic Collectors' Corner Live Event - October 2022 Halloween Special 
Meeting ID: 846 7877 5161 
Password: Dante 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our ZOOM event is limited to the first 100 participants. Because we almost always typically fill to capacity, a LIVE simulcast can be viewed on our Facebook Group Page (Magic Collectors Corner). Join it now so you'll be assured you can watch the program:

Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday, October 30, 2022!

UPDATE: Here's a shot of David and Lance doing the show from Houdini's library. They look a little spooked!


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