Friday, October 21, 2022

LINK: Houdini’s pocket jack knife re-discovered

Our friend Neil McNally has a sensational Houdini scoop on his terrific blog The Doug Henning Project. Neil has shared a photo of Houdini's recently re-discovered jack knife along with a letter of provenance from Doug Henning himself. Neil got this from Brian Lumley, Doug's early assistant.

Could this be the pocket knife Houdini famously used to cut off his coat during the Mirror Handcuff Challenge in 1904? How cool would that be?

You'll have to head over to The Doug Henning Project to see the knife and read Doug's letter, so go! Before Houdini cuts ya.

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  1. That was cutting news...a lot of Houdini's personal items went to the Hinsons like this pocket knife. They deserve credit for keeping and taking care of the items until they thought it best to pass them on or sell off.